About Us

The Choctaw Heritage Farmstead is a working farm situated on 160-acres of beautiful, rolling prairie, within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Other than our sometimes thundering herd of bison, visitors usually comment on how quiet and peaceful it is here. On clear nights, you can get a great view of the Milky Way. During the day, you can see a diverse and colorful array of native plant and animal life. The land that we manage is a lot like it was 180 years ago, but our focus is very much on the future.

Today's world faces mounting problems like climate change, unhealthy food, and the loss of unique traditional cultures. We decided to create a business through which we can proactively work in our own small way to help heal our community and the earth, while producing life-affiriming products for our customers. For us, this means adapting the ancient, sustainable knowledge of our own Indigenous ancestors to the present world.

From a Choctaw perspective, healing begins with taking care of the land that supports us. On our farm, we blend traditional Choctaw land management with modern holistic pasture management, to foster a healthy and diverse landscape without the use of chemicals or petroleum. One of our main tools is a bison herd, which is carefully managed to help our plants rebuild healthy top soil as they trap increasing amounts of carbon from the air. In return, the bison herd and the native plants provide us with raw materials that we use to create many of the products that we offer.

At the Choctaw Heritage Farmstead, we are working to preserve heirloom varieties crops grown by Choctaw people for centuries that can be useful today. We are working to bring out from obscurity traditional Choctaw arts that are as beautiful as they are functional, and that represent incredably deep connections between people and the earth. We work to connect guests from all walks of life reconnect with the Indigenous heritage of their own ancestors.

We are still just in the early stages of building the Choctaw Heritage farmstead into what it will eventually become. In the coming several years, we will begin offering many new products as well as some truly one-of-a-kind guest experiences. Please stay tuned, and in the mean time, please feel free to send us an e-mail.